Unit Information

Use this form to register your unit for Annual Banquet at Belk Scout Camp. Once you register your unit, you will receive a unique link to your unit. You should bookmark the link so you can refer back to your unit registration, should you need to make additions or changes.


  • Each Brotherhood Candidate must be a "Member in Good Standing" (i.e. dues must be current and be a registered active youth or adult Scouter in the Mecklenburg County Council).
  • The deadline to register is the close of business on the Wednesday, one week prior to the event.
  • All OA youth members must be accompanied by a registered OA adult member from their troop or prior arrangements made to join another troop. No youth OA members are to attend the fellowships without supervision. Add the name of the Responsible Adult in the space provided below.
  • All youth members must provide a Class 1 (signed by parent) medical form for each OA event listing any medications and allergies. The Lodge will not retain copies. Unit leaders should retain the forms and bring to each event.